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The cdw Foundation

The cdw Foundation was established in 2011 by the founders and main shareholders of SMA Solar Technology AG. The board members are Irene Cramer, Peter Drews and Reiner Wettlaufer.

All activities and projects are implemented by the cdw Stiftung gGmbH, the operational unit of the cdw Foundation. In 2017, cdw Stiftung gGmbH invested around 1.1 million euros in its project work.

cdw Stiftung


cdw Stiftung gGmbH

cdw Stiftung gGmbH

cdw Stiftung gGmbH is the operational unit of the cdw Foundation and implements all projects.

Organization and topics

As a rule, the cdw Foundation implements projects itself or in cooperation with other bodies. More rarely, but also possible, is the support of other bodies’ projects. Tax-privileged bodies are considered for these kinds of partnerships, as are public bodies and foreign corporate bodies. In all cases, the projects must be not-for-profit or serve charitable purposes.

Global responsibility

We want to promote the development of rural regions in developing countries with the help of renewable energy systems.

Regional commitment

We want to support the regional energy transition in Nord Hesse as well as the economic, scientific, cultural and social development of the region.


This is how we understand our work

As an operative foundation, we primarily develop and manage own projects. In exceptional cases, however, we also support external projects that align well with our own work.

It is important to us that the foundation is also involved in the projects it funds in terms of content and communication. Therefore, we do not usually provide purely financial support. Projects whose financial support is primarily the responsibility of the public sector are also excluded from funding.

Funding applications can be submitted informally as project outlines (content, objectives, duration and costs of the project). Whether the applications are approved is decided by the foundation autonomously, following its statutes and thus at its own discretion.

In order to achieve well-founded project results and to make the work as efficient as possible, we deliberately involve external experts in project work. We also cooperate with other institutions and foundations.

Because we want others to benefit from our knowledge and experience, we publish the results of our studies and projects. These publications are intended to provide suggestions and food for thought and to promote public interest in the topics they cover.


Your Partners

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Managing Director


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Managing Director


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Team assistance


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